Brownie Steam Layer Cheese

For this 3 days holidays..I make 5 steam brownies..3 for my friends and 2 for my family makan2…

For Latifah from Ipoh

Cik Tipah

 For Ms Najiba from Putra height

Cik Najiba

 For Ms Nadia to bring back Johor

Cik Nadia

Tartlets again…

Tartlets hit the road again..

For my personnal opinion, tartlets is nice switch up for cake..suitable for tea-time..while rileks watching tv..
(actually that is what I normally do..hehe)
This order from my colleague, Puan Zakiah & my neighbor, Puan Siti..
Fruit Tart & Blueberry Cheese Tart_Pn Zakiah

Blueberry Cheese Tart_Pn Siti
Total RM50 for 70 pcs

3D Princess Cake for Alisa Adriana

This is the cake for lovely Alisa Adriana that turn 7th this year..

At first, she request Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast;
but change her mind to Barbie Princess in Pink..Pink is her fav color..
On bottom is platform cake, for placing the candle “Happy Birthday” & “7”
Not forgotten the cupcake in the dome for Alisa’s friend to bring back as doorgift
for attending her birthday party at Extreme Park, Section 13, Shah Alam
Happy Birthday Alisa


Overall view of 3d Princess Cake
3d Princess..back view