Yasmin 4th Birthday

This order is for Yasmin that turn 4 this year..
Theme is Princess..thus I combine several princess in sets of 25 pcs cc..
Color that I choose for her is Turqouise, Orange & Pink..hope she like it..

Choc cc

Happy birthday Yasmin

For Kenduri 40 days

Introduction for non- muslim.

Normally for muslim, after our beloved one passed away, we will have kenduri/ceromony for 3 day or 1 week, then 40 days and 100 days to prays for his safe and happiness in the afterworld.
So, for my late father 40 days kenduri, I make butter almond cupcakes with almond slice on top.. 
Pack in the goodie bag with Yassin Book and Pulut Kuning & Sambal Bilis..
Alhamdulillah the ceremony going wells and thank you for all guests for making this events run smoothly.


This week I have 40 days Tahlil kenduri for my beloved father..
But I also have order for wedding cakes at Taman Medan. Petaling Jaya
Another sub-contactor under HMY Ikhlas Marketing..
Interested, please contact Puan Harlina at 013-2390 736

Since both even is within this week, I had to request the Caterer to place the cake by themselves..

Theme is Black Red..For roses I using gumpaste roses and enrich with black embroideries..
Selamat Pengantin Baru Niesa & Asmawi…
For this cake price is RM 110.00 only.

1 kg each

Brownie Steam Layer Cheese

Introducing steam brownie layered with cheese.. the brownies having choc cakey taste due to steaming process and creamy taste from cream cheese.
Texture is soft and moist, suitable even for young toddler.

Brownie steam layered cheese is 1.5 kg for RM 45.00
For steam choc brownie (no cheese) is 1.0 kg for RM35.00

As usual, my product is less sugar.. If you want regular level of sugar, please inform during ordering..

Marble Cheese Cake with Topping Ganache & Fresh Fruit

This is my 1st attempt to deco cake with fresh fruit..normally by buttercream, ganache or gumpaste..

but there is always 1st time for everything..

This cake is for lucky guy call By, that turn 22 today..His special ‘Friend’ order marble cheese cake topping with ganache.. Idea for adding the fresh fruit came after headache thinking perfect deco for guys other than sport..hhehe..blank..
Hope both of them happy with the cake..