Cupcakes for Datin Nadiah & my big mistakes

I start this entry with important note to remember..BE PUNCTUAL
It was my mistakes to have a lunch before delivering the order..
And make it worst, it is me who set the time..
I promise Datin Nadiah to deliver at 11 am, but I reach her house at 12.15 pm..
and she already left for other occasion..
Insya allah, this is important reminder for me to be punctual next time..
Don’t take thing for grunted..

For Datin Nadiah, I prepare 2 set of cupcakes
Red Velvet cupcakes with Bc decoration (Boyish Theme)
and Carrot Walnut cupcakes with cream cheese topping (no deco).
Hope she like the cupcakes..

Red Velvet bc deco

Boyish and colorful

Carrot Walnut with cream cheese topping, no deco

For any cake or cupcakes, I reduce RM5 if no deco required…


Brownie Steam Layer Cheese

This is express order from Puan Ina, she order around 1 o’clock and pick-up around 6 pm..
Alhamdullillah she and her family really like the brownies..
She happy, I’m happier..

Different Between Muffins & Cupcakes

I often asked what is the different between muffins and cupcakes..
Thus, this information that I found at curiousfoodie is very easy to understand and wonderfully elaborate the different between cupcakes and muffins.
For me it is worth sharing with all my friends..


A cupcake is essentially the same as a whole cake. It is simply baked and served in a portion to serve one individual.
It is usually frosted (like those in the photos above) and decorated. It is common to see it at birthday parties and weddings.
It is sweet and hence eaten mostly as a dessert or a sweet treat.
An un-frosted cupcakes does not equate to a muffin.
Butter is usually used in a cupcake recipe.
Conclusion: A cupcake is a cake.


A muffin is one of the easiest things to bake (although I’ve had my fair share of failures, will give you tips to succeed in baking a muffin). It is simply mixing the wet and dry ingredients together and some recipes do not even require the use of an electronic beater or whisk.

It can be frosted or not frosted.
It can be sweet or savoury and is mostly eaten during breakfast or tea.
A frosted muffin does not equate a to cupcake.
Oil is usually used in a muffin recipe.
Conclusion: A muffin is a type of bread (quick bread).

Source :

3D Princess Cake : First Attempt

I always dreams to make beautiful 3D Princess Cake. 
Really love seeing 3D princess on other blogger page.
When my hubby surprise me with Wilton Classic Wonder Mold last week, sayang him so much more..
But this few days I really bz with office work & only manage to proceed with my mission last nite. 

I start around 12 pm after prepare cc for Yasmin’s birthday and finish by 2.00 am.
I make very simple deco because my eyes cannot open already..too tired..
This morning I send the princess cake to my daughter pre-school Genius Aulad P/height..
My daughter really excited and happy seeing her princess cake and 
proudly tell her friend “Mama buat kek untuk Aisya”

For this simple deco, I sell for RM75 only. This cake is weight 1.5 kg size 9″ diameter. Cake inside is Moist choc cake.

For custom and full deco with wings for fairytopia, Mermaid Arial with tail and Rocks surrounding 
or wonderful gowns for Belle, Snow white, Cinderella, Jasmine or other princess character;
additional charges is impose. Range RM 75 ~ RM 100.
Additional Price for platform cake underneath the Doll Cake ( depends on size and weight)