Marble Cheese & Carrot Walnut Again

I actually had cancelled this order due to unavoidable incident..But she willing to wait for another week..thank Ms Selvi..


Marble Choc Cheese & Carrot Walnut

Received repeat order from Ms Nabila G4S.This time she request for Marble Choc Cheese & Carrot Walnut.

Marble Choc Cheese with choc ganache dizzle

Ready to go

Carrot Walnut (She request extra walnut)

Joining Ms Nabila is Ms Nadia, she request 2 pcs of carrot walnut..1/2 kg each. Actually is 700gm each because carrot cake is heavy.

7″ each..

Wedding at Setia Alam

This is my first project as sub-contractor for HMY Enterprise.. they request 2 tier wedding cake with pillars. Theme is purple pink..alhamdulillah..the main contractor happy, the bride smiles..and best of end of the day; all cakes gone..rush into guest tummy..hehe
Package 2-tier cake with pillar for RM 100 only…

Overall View
Close up

Top Tier_Sponge Orange
Bottom Tier_Choc Cake