Cupcake Hantaran (Fondant & Gumpaste)

Following the recent trend in using fondant & gum-paste for wedding or engagement…
I proudly present my latest product; cupcake hantaran..

This cupcake is specially design with so many details and few types of flower to suits your taste..
We have Rose, fabric rose, Ceramic rose, Cata lily, Baju Kebaya, handbag & shoe…
Each cupcakes come with large size, fill inside silver or gold cup.

To suit the gift tray,  the cupcake hantaran is come in sets of 6 or 9 pcs.
Price is depends on details and complexity.


Ayah..Hasan Bin Abu Bakar

Last 2 weeks ago, a very sad thing happen in my family… my beloved father pass away on Saturday 19th Feb 2011 at age of 58.. 
He already ill for few years; but after trying for so many years with so many ways… we see his conditions is getting better and better and we never thought that he pass away that afternoon while sleeping.. 
For my beloved father Arwah Hasan bin Abu Bakar… may Allah bless him and love him as he look after me during childhood… A-l-fatihah

Last raya image (my parent and all mens in my life)