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Aiman Hakim 1st Birthday & Aisya Sofea 8th Birthday. Theme Mickey Mouse.





This year birthday celebrations is bigger than usual; since I’m celebrating for 2 little angels in my life.
My daughter Aisya Sofea turns 8 and my son Aiman Hakim celebrate his 1st Birthday.
Since their birthday is close to each other,we plan to combine the birthday party.

Theme is Blue Mickey and Pink Minnie.
Food is cater by my friends, Ms Lina from
She prepare the food and also provide the scallop canopy.

To cut cost, I do the Candy buffet myself.
Self prepare goodie bags, table arrangement, balloons, decorations and sticker.
And for cake, cupcakes and other desert is fresh from my own kitchen…hehe
For sticker

I hire Awang clown service from
to brighten up the party. Enjoy the photo.












Until next time..thanks to all.


Thank you All

It’s been a long journey since I start buying my 1st oven and baking my 1st cake.
The outcome not perfect, but still I’m so happy.

For me, baking & cakes decoration is a gift from God.
Something that I can turn to and got lost into it and simply forget about other problems around me for awhile.

I really want to thanks everyone that encourage me to continue doing cake decorations either directly or indirectly. Supporting me with their comments & likes on every post.

Really do cherish…TQ All

My daughter Aisya Sofea July Birthday

My daughter is very funny..she celebrate birthday almost every months..for this July..her cake is choc indulgence with fresh cream..and deco with Kungfu Panda 2 edible and pink drages..own is self pick by her at supplier shop..and everyone must sing to her and then she blow the candle..happy 4 years 8 months Aisya Sofea..Mama & Ayah love you so much..

Choc Indulgence with fresh cream
Very angry..ayah won’t sing to her
Now she smile..but very blurr image (from video)

Ayah..Hasan Bin Abu Bakar

Last 2 weeks ago, a very sad thing happen in my family… my beloved father pass away on Saturday 19th Feb 2011 at age of 58.. 
He already ill for few years; but after trying for so many years with so many ways… we see his conditions is getting better and better and we never thought that he pass away that afternoon while sleeping.. 
For my beloved father Arwah Hasan bin Abu Bakar… may Allah bless him and love him as he look after me during childhood… A-l-fatihah

Last raya image (my parent and all mens in my life)