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Salam and happy new year to all. Is been a while since our last posting. Alhamdulillah we had finish performed Umrah to Makkah & Madinah.

We just re-open for business and continue as usual, but we will not take much order this year, since we need to focus more on UPSR exam in Sept.

Thanks for your continuous support, we really appreciate and thankful.

Happy 4th Birthday my Hero Aiman Hakim

I am blessed with 2 wonderful kids. Daughter age 11 and son age 4. Last Sunday his 4th birthday…Happy 4th Birthday my Hero Aiman Hakim..Mama, Ayah & Kak Sya love you so much..May you grow healthy, wise and independent.

This year he asking for Transformer theme..anything you wish dear..

  • Decoration by My Sister, Anne
  • Food by my mum & brother in law. We have nasi beriani, mutton curry, red chicken, soto ayam
  • Dessert by mama. We have Optimus prime Cake, Pandan Gula Melaka cupcakes, Congo Bar aka blonde brownies, and Eclairs.

Aiman Hakim 4th Birthday5

Aiman Hakim 4th Birthday3Aiman Hakim 4th Birthday2Aiman Hakim 4th Birthday4Aiman Hakim 4th Birthday1Aiman Hakim 4th Birthday6Aiman Hakim 4th Birthday7

gambar ycc 2017
Congo Bars aka Blonde Brownies

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Pandan Gula Melaka Cupcakes


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Eclairs with custard cream

AIMAN HAKIM we love you.

Happy 3rd Birthday Aiman Hakim

Love of my life, superhero by night and day..super active and happy. Happy 3rd Birthday Aiman Hakim. No longer baby, next year already go to pre-school..huarghh so fast.

We are having small party for family members to gather around.

Food prepared by my husband, chef in the family. Excellent making carbonara spagetti and roasted chicken rice.

Decoration by my sis, the most creative person the family..always take care of table candy, wedding alter/pelamin and wedding gift/hantaran details decoration.





For client that I was unable to reply their whatsApp and can’t take their order last 2-3 weeks, we are very sorry. Very busy this few weekends due to family matter. Start from cousins wedding and sister ¬†another cousin wedding. We overlooked on the message and unable to entertain you. Very sorry about that.

With Love,