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Trolls Cake for Norhidayah

Thanks Norhidayah for return order. This year theme is trolls.

She look so young for mum with two kids. e2822293-04f7-4fae-95f3-6992442c4268ffb94791-af46-4556-9410-9a840d5409c02164c781-6031-4a4e-ad5b-ce2fe59184ed9b360853-ca68-48bc-9a00-9c6d37c02898


Double H birthday for Hanan & Hashsya

Special thanks to Ms Atie for ordering cakes and cupcakes for her 2 daughters, Hanan & Hashsya.

  • Hanan : 2 tier cake in Red, Black and White with H nameprint, in diamond design, flower and rainbow.
  • Hashsya : 8 inch rainbow cake in colorful Trolls deco.
  • 50 pcs red velvet cupcakes in colorful troll design

2 event in same days for both girls.





2 tier Buttercream Trolls cake for Nurul

Making this 2 tier cake with colorful flower garden for Ms Nurul. Top with banner stand and rainbow in 1st tier..on 2nd tier is garden theme in buttercream and fondant.

  • 1st tier is choc moist cake in 6 inch.
  • Bottom is Rainbow cake with cream cheese in 8 inch.

Original only 2 dolls, but later we add 2 more which not in the picture. Hopefully Ms Nurul fast recovery from her cancer and healthy for her family.




Abaikan semak di sekjtar working table..