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queen ant & dusty plane for Rayyan 10th birthday. And 15th wedding anniversary Cupcakes for mom & dad.

Yes its huge celebration. Congratulations Huwaina and husband on your 15th anniversary, may your marriage blessed till Jannah.

For Rayyan, Happy 10th Birthday. 1st cake is Queen Ant in choc moist. Rayyan is really interested in ant community especially on Queen Ant.

And later after few days Pn Huwaina place order, she request 2nd birthday cake which is Dusty Plane Cake from Fire & Rescue movie.

peonies Flowers cake

Welcome New Year 2021 we welcome you with open heart and please be better than 2020. Due to pandemic Covic-19, we all struggling and facing difficulties. We hope all doing well and stay safe with our love one.

Its been few months that we stop accepting order due to personnel matter, and we open back order in February 2021. Thanks to Ms Niza, our regular customer. She request Peonies flower red velvet cake. We make open and close peonies for her birthday cake.