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Hantaran for Umi Soleha

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2-tier rose petals carrot cake, Red Velvet cupcake, Marble Cheese Cupcakes and fresh fruit tart for Pn Khairati

Received the order from email. Ms Khairati want

  • 2-tier rose petals carrot cake
  • 25 pcs Red Velvet Cupcake
  • 25 pcs Marble Cheese Cupcakes and
  • 2 boxes fresh fruit tart

all to match with cake design in aqua green and pink.

I really enjoy making this cake..turn out very pretty with lots of rose buds/petals..

Delivered to Putra Glades, Subang Jaya.

Meet the owner Mrs Khairati; very elegant lady indeed.


Red Velvet with cream cheese in pink


Choc Marble cheese with aqua gree blossom


Fresh fruit tart (2 boxes)