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fahad ironman and faris ramadan karem birthday cake

Iron Man Had Left Us.. But Not His Legacy Happy 6th Birthday Fahad. Make his birthday since 1 years so big..had grown so big.

Meanwhile, for Faris the theme is Ramadan Karem. Inside is red velvet cake. Even Faris had grown so tall.

Thanks Farah And PA Liyana. Inside is choc moist cake with oreo and choc chips.

Avengers Assemble Cupcakes

Making Marvel Avengers cupcakes for Pavendran 11th birthday.

Thanks to Mommy Kashturi for ordering 50 pcs butter cupcakes with buttercream and avengers edible. She already asking for quite some time, but only the night before pick up she confirmed order. Alhamdulillah, we manage to pull the task.

Hope to see you again Kashturi..and Happy birthday Pavendran. Good luck in your exam.

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All primary color