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Smurfs Red Velvet cupcakes for Putri Nur Amani..thanks Mama Baiti



Frozen Red Velvet for Ammara

Preparing the red velvet cupcakes for Ms Baiti from Bukit Jelutong. Its later only her husband realize that we met before for their daughter birthday in 2014 (that time Baiti’s husband place the order).


Beria Makan lil princess  Ammara

Ammara Baiti.jpeg

2-tier rose petals carrot cake, Red Velvet cupcake, Marble Cheese Cupcakes and fresh fruit tart for Pn Khairati

Received the order from email. Ms Khairati want

  • 2-tier rose petals carrot cake
  • 25 pcs Red Velvet Cupcake
  • 25 pcs Marble Cheese Cupcakes and
  • 2 boxes fresh fruit tart

all to match with cake design in aqua green and pink.

I really enjoy making this cake..turn out very pretty with lots of rose buds/petals..

Delivered to Putra Glades, Subang Jaya.

Meet the owner Mrs Khairati; very elegant lady indeed.


Red Velvet with cream cheese in pink

Choc Marble cheese with aqua gree blossom

Fresh fruit tart (2 boxes)