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Cream Brown Wedding Cake

Cream and Brown..very neutral and earthy color combination

Making 3-tier Pillar Wedding Cake for HMY Ikhlas enterprise.
Alhamdulillah road traffic is smooth on that day, so reach Desa Tasik within 1/2 hour.
Overall 3 tier cake

3rd tier

2nd tier

HMY iklhas 
1st tier

Choc Cake

3-tier Birthday Cake for 4 Musketeers

Event held at De Palma Kuala Selangor..4 siblings celebrate their birthday together..Very colourful and mixture of many characters..I am glad they love it. Currently I did not have the 3-tier image..I will post it once I received it from Ms Nany…

1st Tier- Pandan Sponge Cake with Blueberry Filling
2nd Tier- Choc Marble Cheese Cake

MU vs Chelsea
3rd Tier- Carrot Walnut Cake

Happy Birthday To All