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Rayyan Scania Truck Head

Happy 1st Birthday Rayyan..may all your dream come true.

Rayyan is my nephew. He just turn 1 on 1st June. Thus, since 1st Jun is Ramadhan, we postpone his birthday to after Raya..We are making rainbow Scania Truck Head for Rayyan







Shopkins Red Apple Blossoms

Order by Ms Mubiha for her 2nd daughter..DURRA. Theme is Shopkins Red Apple Blossom in cupcakes shape..very cute for me.

Inside is many layers of rainbow cake..we start with 7″ purple, then 8″Red..and grow bigger. cake board is 14″ round..and very heavy cake.

Delivered to Ampang using Fat-ca-runner service. You may look for his service at IG under


Thanks Mubiha..see you saturday for next event.


Double H birthday for Hanan & Hashsya

Special thanks to Ms Atie for ordering cakes and cupcakes for her 2 daughters, Hanan & Hashsya.

  • Hanan : 2 tier cake in Red, Black and White with H nameprint, in diamond design, flower and rainbow.
  • Hashsya : 8 inch rainbow cake in colorful Trolls deco.
  • 50 pcs red velvet cupcakes in colorful troll design

2 event in same days for both girls.





1D One Direction Cool Cake for Danae 9th Birthday

Yupp..its 1D gals..last 2 years I made Frozen cake for Danae..but now no more..she is big girl..

  • 2 tier 6 and 9 inch rainbow cakes
  • all 5 ID team members surround the cakes
  • we have red white stars for all the stars
  • All the guest choosing their own idol..
  • 2 boxes of choc eclairs as dessert
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