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Lego Fondant cake

Emir 4th birthday..thanks Ms Faizurab17a6af7-c845-4b90-b520-e7da591d2c34abb660a2-1930-4b55-84be-1106135d0f8dabb660a2-1930-4b55-84be-1106135d0f8d42bd75dd-1251-4ea7-bd19-a3c73b271549


Johny Johny Yes Papa Nursery Rhyme

Have you heard this song before “Johny Johny Yes Papa Nursery Rhyme”..i bet you have if you have small kids at house. Ms Agnes request this theme for his son 1st birthday.

Details for figurine : Baby Fathrulrahman , Grand father , Purple schooter and blue skate board. We also have multiple size star to celebrate star of the day.. Happy birthday dear



Happy 4th Birthday my Hero Aiman Hakim

I am blessed with 2 wonderful kids. Daughter age 11 and son age 4. Last Sunday his 4th birthday…Happy 4th Birthday my Hero Aiman Hakim..Mama, Ayah & Kak Sya love you so much..May you grow healthy, wise and independent.

This year he asking for Transformer theme..anything you wish dear..

  • Decoration by My Sister, Anne
  • Food by my mum & brother in law. We have nasi beriani, mutton curry, red chicken, soto ayam
  • Dessert by mama. We have Optimus prime Cake, Pandan Gula Melaka cupcakes, Congo Bar aka blonde brownies, and Eclairs.

Aiman Hakim 4th Birthday5

Aiman Hakim 4th Birthday3Aiman Hakim 4th Birthday2Aiman Hakim 4th Birthday4Aiman Hakim 4th Birthday1Aiman Hakim 4th Birthday6Aiman Hakim 4th Birthday7

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Congo Bars aka Blonde Brownies
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Pandan Gula Melaka Cupcakes


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Eclairs with custard cream
AIMAN HAKIM we love you.

1D One Direction Cool Cake for Danae 9th Birthday

Yupp..its 1D gals..last 2 years I made Frozen cake for Danae..but now no more..she is big girl..

  • 2 tier 6 and 9 inch rainbow cakes
  • all 5 ID team members surround the cakes
  • we have red white stars for all the stars
  • All the guest choosing their own idol..
  • 2 boxes of choc eclairs as dessert
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