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Iron-man Cake for Khalis Mirzan

Thanks to Ms Azura for ordering this Iron-Man cake for her son Khalis Mirzan 7th birthday. Inside is choc moist cake.


Did you spot their happy faces…

Hello Kitty for Nazaafath from Maldives

We had clients from Philiphines, South Afrika, India, Saudi and others before. But from Maldives is 1st time. Very excited when Nazaafath and her brother Ebrahim from Maldives order this 2 tier Hello Kitty cake for Lubu 4th Birthday.



Lets blow some candle


Shopkins Red Apple Blossoms

Order by Ms Mubiha for her 2nd daughter..DURRA. Theme is Shopkins Red Apple Blossom in cupcakes shape..very cute for me.

Inside is many layers of rainbow cake..we start with 7″ purple, then 8″Red..and grow bigger. cake board is 14″ round..and very heavy cake.

Delivered to Ampang using Fat-ca-runner service. You may look for his service at IG under


Thanks Mubiha..see you saturday for next event.