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Pink Cake & Minicake

Order by  for baby shower event.
making pink fondant cake with 6 minicake also in pink color..thanks dear
Image from abbycreative..

Aqiqah Bday Zareef Iman

Big event to little Zareef Iman. This weekend Zareef is 1 years old.
His parent throw birthday party and Aqiqah ceremony for Zareef.

For birthday cake is 2 kg Elmo Choc Moist Cake, layered with Ganache and cover with buttercream.

During ceremony, there is blueberry cheesetart and fruit tart as desert.

For Guest doorgift is butter cupcakes mixed flavour.

200 pcs butter cc (mix flavour)


Choc Rice and Pandan


Orange & Vanilla

Hope Zareef having awesome birthday and grow healthy and strong..amin

Marble Cheese Cake with Topping Ganache & Fresh Fruit

This is my 1st attempt to deco cake with fresh fruit..normally by buttercream, ganache or gumpaste..

but there is always 1st time for everything..

This cake is for lucky guy call By, that turn 22 today..His special ‘Friend’ order marble cheese cake topping with ganache.. Idea for adding the fresh fruit came after headache thinking perfect deco for guys other than sport..hhehe..blank..
Hope both of them happy with the cake..