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Continental Cake (Part 2)

This time I am attending class at Bzee Bakery Seremban..learns to make 4 difference of cake

Premium : Russion Black and White Cake (9′ size, 3 kg)
Very rich and heavy choc cake..each layer of choc moist cake is enrich with choc ganache and cream cheese filling.super delicious..

Premium : Snowy Peach Custard Cream Cake (9″ size, 1.8 kg)

Very creamy cake..the custard cream melt in your mouth.. recommended for those who did not like choc

Premium : Italian Rainbow Cake (9″ size, 2 kg)
Colourful Rainbow cake..very moist buttery flavour cake layered with italian buttercream.
The buttercream is very moist..fully achor marjerin or shortening..

Cake : Red Velvet Cake (8″ size, 1.6 kg)
Starting from this week, I already using this cake recipe to make red velvet cake.
Very unique cake with bright red color..suitable for romantic mood..
covered with cream cheese topping..very nice