Standard flavour
i) Choc Moist
ii) Butter Vanilla
All layer with buttercream with crush oreo and choc chips.
Premium flavour
Red velvet/ Choc marble cheese/ Carrot walnut. Add 20rm.
Rainbow cake. Add 30rm.
All layer with cream cheese.
CUPCAKE (M size -Souffle Cup 2.5 oz)
Butter Cream 16 60
25 80
Fondant 16 120
25 170
CAKE 2 kg 8 inches (4 Layers)
Buttercream 100
Fondant 180
TIER CAKE Stack/ Pillar/ Hanging Tray
Butter Cream 2 tier 3kg (6-8 inch) 280
Butter Cream 3 tier 6kg ( 6-8-10 inch) 450
Fondant 2 tier 3kg (6-8 inch) 400
Fondant 3 tier 6kg ( 6-8-10 inch) 700
MINI CAKE Min 4 pcs
Cutter Plunger 25
Roses 30
Push Up Cake 10pcs 50
Eclairs’ with custard filling 25pcs 50
Eclairs’ with custard filling 32pcs 55
Eclairs’ with custard filling 36pcs 60
CreamPuff w custard filling 25pcs 45
CreamPuff w custard filling 36ps 50
Cheese tart 49pcs 55
Fresh fruit tart 49pcs 55
Coctail fruit tart 49pcs 50
Choc Brownies 11*11 inch 70
Mini Pavlova 32 pcs 80
2 layer pavlova 8 inch 80
Jumbo 2 layer pavlova 10 inch 120
Custom Edible Image 25
Clear PVC Cake Box 10*10 inch 10
Clear PVC Cake Box 12*12 inch 13
Dome Cupcakes Casing 0.30
Hardbox Cupcake Casing 1.50
Plastic knife and candle provided
Packaging in normal cake or cupcakes boxes.
Price shown is for simple decoration only.
Extra charges applies for additional decorations.
Delivery available on holiday with charges.

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