Chanel Birthday Bash

Chanel and other big brand theme for Wany Birthday celebration.

  • Cake is actually gift box with chanel logo surround the cake and on top we have all girls accessories from handbag, parfum and for sure ribbon in black to match the theme.
  • Cupcakes with mixed big brand logo from VS, LV, Gucci, Prada
  • 23cc766c-644d-4701-846a-b7113417cc889ad97b5f-1f23-4eb0-97b6-151fa9bd7726
  • 92e53059-6363-4127-9090-f8faffeb451ac0a900ba-f438-46ff-94dd-3e243604c5b28a2001e0-6261-42de-a02c-268f044ddd019db83a30-f4fc-4ba1-b142-f068671b810e

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