Mickey For Fahad & Horse For Faris

Datin Farah ordered 2 cakes for her sons birthday. Horse choc moist cake for Faris iskandar Merican 9th Birthday. And for Little Fahad Zuhayr Merican is Mickey cake..he love the cake so much according to mama. Thanks dear.9f6b3366-74d7-4bc8-9a5c-4639c84b1127ede9d19f-10a8-4229-80d4-f410030bc9fb632f68e6-cf40-402a-b46a-4f00488ed8614fc0c633-6e56-4362-817a-76c4eac0dc49779af202-0e3a-4bdd-a00f-318a35f265ad64e9fee3-7952-4c9d-9e60-56b43b9d17a2b733beda-00cf-439a-83e5-4d86de43a1319f6f8161-ed6a-485d-a4b6-c2aa84c0aed4



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