Different Between Muffins & Cupcakes

I often asked what is the different between muffins and cupcakes..
Thus, this information that I found at curiousfoodie is very easy to understand and wonderfully elaborate the different between cupcakes and muffins.
For me it is worth sharing with all my friends..


A cupcake is essentially the same as a whole cake. It is simply baked and served in a portion to serve one individual.
It is usually frosted (like those in the photos above) and decorated. It is common to see it at birthday parties and weddings.
It is sweet and hence eaten mostly as a dessert or a sweet treat.
An un-frosted cupcakes does not equate to a muffin.
Butter is usually used in a cupcake recipe.
Conclusion: A cupcake is a cake.


A muffin is one of the easiest things to bake (although I’ve had my fair share of failures, will give you tips to succeed in baking a muffin). It is simply mixing the wet and dry ingredients together and some recipes do not even require the use of an electronic beater or whisk.

It can be frosted or not frosted.
It can be sweet or savoury and is mostly eaten during breakfast or tea.
A frosted muffin does not equate a to cupcake.
Oil is usually used in a muffin recipe.
Conclusion: A muffin is a type of bread (quick bread).

Source : http://curiousfoodie.wordpress.com/2008/02/20/muffins-cupcakes-why-they-are-different/

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